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Welcome! I’m Elizabeth H. Cottrell, a freelance writer and author who teaches about the power of genuine connection in all aspects of personal and professional life. This site has been set up to do some behind the scenes things for my business. You’ve probably landed here because of a link to a product, service, or course I have recommended.

You’ll find out more about me (including contact information) at Heartspoken.com, where I explore ways to strengthen life’s essential connections: with self, with others, with God, with nature, and through personal handwritten notes.

If you’re a small business owner, solopreneur, consultant, artist, or writer, you’ll find support and training at SmallBizSpoken.com, where I blog about online and offline ways to make meaningful connections with prospects and clients.

And last, but not least, at RiverwoodWriter.com, you’ll learn all about my freelance writing and blogging, ghost writing, content creation, and digital publishing services. The blog there covers topics relating to writing, editing, and publishing.